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The necrosavant is a mix between a cleric and a wizard. It may use both the wizard necromancy spells and the cleric's death sphere spells. It has a wizards hit points, and may cast spells up to a level depending on his intelligence and wisdom as seen in the players handbook (for example, if a necrosavant has an intelligence of 12, it cannot cast level 9 spells--he is just not smart enough. The same thing goes for wisdom. This character must be evil, though he may be lawful, neutral, or chaotic. It does not gain priest spell bonuses for high wisdom; But it does get, for example, one first level wizard spell and one first level priest spell (provided that they are in the correct spheres) at first level. You must have a minimum intelligence and wisdom of 10 and a constitution of 12 to be a necrosavant No elf except for a drow (dark elf) may be a necrosavant. It may not wear armor, but may use any piercing or slashing weapon. It may not use any range weapons, including not being able to throw daggers. It is cosidered as a multi-class mage-priest when calculating Exp.

Dragon Friend

A dragon friend is a warrior. It has a warrior's HP. Once a week, it may summona dragon of alignment that is the same as the dragon friend. To summon a dragon,he needs an iron brassiere (100 gp, reuseable) and 1000 gp worth of materials (not reuseable). A fire must be lit, and the dragon friend must say the name of the dragon he wishes to summon. The dragon will appear instantaneously in a cloud of smoke. The dragon will do the dragon friends bidding for a number of turns equal to the dragonfriend's level. It will then vanish in a cloud of smoke. Remember, DRAGONS MAY HOLD A GRUDGE against a player that summons it. The dragon can search down and destroy a player who has made it do something against his will. A player may also call upon dragon strength. This makes his strength that of a dragon for one turn once a day. A dragon friend must have a charisma of 15 or higher. If his charisma ever goes below 15, he loses his special abilities until it is raised again. It uses the exp. table of a paladin. Any race may be a dragon friend. Dragon friends are otherwise just other warriors, but they cannot have a kit in addition to the dragonfriend kit.

Elven Lyrist

An elven lyrist is a special type of bard. It must be either good or neutral. An elven lyrist must have a charisma of 15 and an int. of 12. It has none of the abilities of a thief like a regular bard, but may cast the spells sleep, charm, and hold once per day. To cast a spell, the lyrist must play his flute for one round without getting hit, like a wizard. All lyrists start out with a special flute. Replacement Flutes cost 1000 gp and the lyrist must go on a quest to find someone who can make them another flute. Until then, the lyrist may not use any of his/her specicial abilities. Lyrists use the HP and exp. tables of bards. A lyrist may only wear leather armor and may only use daggers, short swords, and short bows.


Morphers have the same stats as warriors. They have a warrior's Hp, THAC0, and weapons useage. However, they may not wear armor and use the paladin Exp. table. Morphers have the innate ability to transform in to any animal up to 10 feet tall for 10 turns and then back to human form. They may do this 5 times every day. Their clothing is either transformed with them, like if they were transforming in to a serpent, or is carried by them, say, if they transform in to an orc. If they do not morph back to their human form within 5 turns of morphing in to another creature, they are stuck as that animal. It takes a limited wish spell to transform them back in to a human and a wish spell to give them their abilities back (they lose their abilities if they stay in animal form for more than 5 turns). A morpher cannot transform in to a specific creature (such as the goblin king). He can only transform in to a basic male or female of the species. A Morpher cannot morph in to another human being.

Soul Fuser

Submitted by HellBeast

A Soul Fuser is a warrior class that fuses their soul with their weapon to accomplish feats of weapon play that are not attainable by a normal warrior. The downside to this is that they don't have as much time to spend on the basics of hand to hand combat, and drawing spiritual energy into a weapon is a fatiguing task, that requires relaxation necessary for quick concentration. Thus, they cannot wear armor that provides better protection than half plate, splint mail, or equivalent, and cannot use a shield. They use a d8 HP dice rather than the usual d10 for warriors, and they use Rogue THAC0 with a slight modification under most combat situations. (THAC0 is that of a rogues 3 levels higher.) However, this does not bother Soul Fusers. Their unique skills with weapons often times more than makes up for their deficiencies. Also, they still receive the standard warrior's extra attacks at higher levels, and can attain a level of skill up to Grand Mastery, just as a fighter can. Soul Fuser's slowly learn to resist magic more effectively, and receive some extra training in defensive maneuvers. (Magic Resistance = Level x 2, +1 to block at levels 4, 7, and 10). Soul Fusers also have Multiple Specialization. Only humans and half elves can be Soul Fusers. Half Elves have a level limit of 14, but may multiclass. Soul Fuser's receive Fighter Followers at 10'th level, with the same condition as a Fighter. They use the Paladin/Ranger Exp Table. Most Soul Fusers prefer bronze plate mail or half plate. Although some prefer chainmail or improved chainmail.

A Soul Fuser's special abilities draw on his or her pool of skill points. Since skill points reflect the Soul Fuser's personal energy, these are affected by high constitution scores, and are refreshed simply by sleeping. Memorization is not necessary because a Soul Fuser always knows how to use his skills and channel his energy into his or her weapon, although he or she might not always have the energy to do so. One hour of sleep replenishes 1/10 of the Soul Fuser's skill points. Soul Fusers receive 1d4 skill points a level, with a bonus equal to their H.P. adjustment every 5 levels. Also, Soul Fusers do NOT roll for skill points at level 1. Level 1 skill points are always equal to their HP adjustment +5. All Soul Fusers start with their level 1 skill, Destroy. This is the only skill they are given. All other skills must be attained through self training in a private, secluded area. Additionally, this can only be done every 3 levels, starting at level 3. Each skill takes 1 month to learn, and if no new skills are available this is only revealed after 1 months time. Some skills are not effective against certain creatures, against these creatures treat all attacks as regular attacks. Skills have 4 basic statistics: THAC0, Range, Initiative Adjustment, and Effect. When a Soul Fuser uses a weapon he or she is skilled with, the cost of skills used with that weapon may be decreased from the initial cost.

Skill Level Adjustments to Cost
Not Proficient x 2
Familiar x 1.5
Proficient no adjustment
Weapon of Choice - 1
Expertise - 1
Specialization - 1
Mastery - 2
High Mastery x .75
Grand Mastery x .5

Skills Available to Soul Fusers


(Initial Skill)

Level 1 THAC0: Priest

Cost 5 Range: Weapon Range

Initiative: 3 + Weapon Initiative

Effect: Usable with any weapon. Triple weapon damage if it hits. No effect if it misses. Effective against humanoids only. +2 Critical adjustment. Replaces all possible attacks in the same manner as casting a spell. No attack type combinations possible.


Level 3 THAC0: Rogue

Cost 8 Range: Weapon Range

Initiative: Normal

Effect: Usable with any weapon with adjusted initiative of 3 or less. Four attacks with primary weapon. No called shots, no combat maneuvers. Only regular attacks.

Breach Defense

Level 7 THAC0: Warrior

Cost 15 Range: Weapon Range

Initiative: Normal

Effect: Usable with any edged weapon. Normal number of attacks. +5 attack bonus on all attacks. For determining if it can hit a creature treat weapon as a +1 magical weapon.


Level 10 THAC0: Priest

Cost 20 Range: Weapon Range

Initiative: +3 to Weapon Initiative

Effect: Usable with any edged weapon. Must have lower adjusted initiative vs. target. Attack does double damage, and an automatic abdomen critical as if the weapon was 2 sizes larger than it is. Attack penalty may be added to adjust victim's saving throw. For every deliberate -2 attack adjustment the Soul Fuser takes, he or she penalizes the victim's saving throw by -1. Saving throw adjustment may not be more than -5. No other attacks are possible this round.


Level 15 THAC0: Warrior

Cost 30 Range: Weapon Range

Initiative: +4 to Weapon Initiative

Effect: Usable with any edged weapon. Initiative cannot exceed 12 (with +4 modifier.) Draws upon negative energy plane to halve targets Hit Points. Causes a withering/wounding critical of 2d6 severity regardless of size. A regular critical hit follows this in the same location.

Weapon Bond

Level 20 THAC0: -5

Cost 50 Range: Double Weapon Range

Initiative: -1 to weapon initiative, cannot reach 0.

Effect: Usable with any sword like weapon designed for slashing. Initiative must adjust to 2 or lower. Soul Fuser receives double normal amount of weapon attacks this round. Soul Fuser can harm creatures as if his or her weapon was +5. Adjusts attack and damage rolls by +3/+3 respectively, unless a +3 or greater magical weapon is used for Weapon Bond. Otherwise, the new +3/+3 bonuses are considered magical weapon adjustments. Criticals are rolled with a +2 bonus to severity when using Weapon Bond. Items struck while using Weapon Bond must save vs. normal blow with medium weapon, vs. crushing blow vs. large weapons. Furthermore, this save is adjusted with a -7 penalty. Items that fail saving throws are destroyed. Swords, shields, armor, etc., are especially subject to this, since they are often hit the most in combat. Not effective vs. magical items.

Soul Fuse

Level 29 THAC0: N/A. Attacks always hit with Soul Fuse

Cost 70 Range: Double Weapon Range

Initiative: +3 to Weapon Initiative

Effect: Usable with swords designed for slashing only. Weapon Initiative must be lower than 3 before the initiative adjustment is applied. The Soul Fuser draws his or her very spirit into sword. This imbues the sword with incredible power, reduces the edge to infinitely small dimensions, and seemingly reduces weapon weight to nothing. The Soul Fuser receives twice as many attacks with his or her primary weapon as would be normal. All damage is doubled. Sword is granted a +5 bonus on all critical severity rolls, and saves vs. these critical effects suffer a natural -2 penalty. Attacks made during Soul Fuse ignore and slice through all defenses. This includes magical armor, shields, and magical spells. Under no circumstances can protection be offered against this. Once Soul Fuse is used, the Soul Fuser's Hit Points are reduced by half his or her maximum hit points. This reflects physical AND spiritual fatigue. To remove the effect the Soul Fuser must receive a dispel fatigue spell as well as a heal spell. The heal spell will heal no damage, other than restoring the half of the Soul Fuser's HP lost in Soul Fuse.