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This is shown like in the player's handbook.

Weapon name Cost Weight Size Type Speed Factor Damage S-M Damage L Other Info
Brutechopper 50gp 20 L S 11 1d12 3d6 Is basically the axe equivalent of a two-handed sword
Bird's Claw Talon 100gp 5 M S 2 1d8 1d8 A punch-cutter type weapon, like claws on your hand. Is moderately rare.
Scythe 50gp 10 L S 9 1d8 2d6 A sickle stuck on to a quarterstaff, refined and more balanced than the farmer's harvesting tool.
Enameled mace 30gp 10 M B 6 1d6+1 1d10 A mace that has been enameled with a hard substance, causing it to deal more damage.